Within the Financial Services Marketplace, The Best Help for Individual Investors Is Often Self-Help.

Rita℠ provides you investment-related information previously only available to professionals to individual investors. This information can help you to protect yourself from "Marketplace Risk" and to make sound investment decisions.

Rita℠ Is “MONEYBALL” For Mutual Fund & ETF Selection!

Rita℠ Is “MONEYBALL” For Mutual Fund & ETF Selection!

December 28, 20233 min read

Rita℠ will improve your investment selection the way “MONEYBALL” forever changed baseball player selection.


It’s not just the name of a very popular movie which, if you haven’t yet seen, I highly recommend that you do!

It’s the name given to a whole new way of comparatively evaluating baseball players – using performance metrics rather than the subjective opinions of baseball “scouts.”

The movie tells the story of how this occurred, and the struggles involved in changing the traditional system of baseball player evaluation and selection. It’s definitely worth watching.

What’s the connection with Rita?

In an almost identical way, we’re changing the way mutual funds are evaluated and selected.

It’s no longer about the size and reputation of the mutual fund companies, or their advertising and name recognition, or the opinion of pundits, industry groups, and/or advisors . . . and it’s certainly not about the “behind the scenes” money that they may be offering to have their funds preferentially recommended. NO!

With Rita, it’s now purely about performance, just like in MONEYBALL!

Which of the mutual funds and ETFs, within any asset class, have proven best over time at producing the investment results you’re seeking.

But Rita is much better than the system described in the movie.

In the movie, the comparative evaluation had to be done by a hired “Quant”, who created algorithms with which the comparisons were performed. No one but him really understood how to use it and, at least initially, almost no one trusted him or the results and recommendations he was producing. But, as the movie documents, that ultimately changed.

Why? It was because of the results – better players, better performance, and lower overall costs.

The proof? They were winning. They were beating the competition!

How is Rita “better?” What took who knows how much time for the team’s expert “Quant” to evaluate baseball players, can be done for hundreds of mutual funds and ETFs in any asset class in mere moments.

And, most importantly, you don’t need to be a “Quant” or have an expert do it for you, although we can connect you with one if you wish.  Yes, you can easily do it yourself.

After more than a decade of testing, we’ve seen the results. Just as with the MONEYBALL process, Rita helps you identify and select better mutual funds and ETFs (those that better match the performance you’re seeking), with historically better performance, and often with lower overall costs.

The proof? We saw that they were winning. We saw that they were beating the competition!

And you can now see and, better yet, experience this for yourself.

The MONEYBALL system has forever changed professional sports. The Boston Red Sox now have as many as 35 people working on analyzing “sports metrics” for the evaluation and selection of players. Rita, in contrast, enables you alone to comparatively evaluate over 20,000 mutual funds and ETFs (many more choices than there are baseball players) for your investment “team” (your portfolio).

Our Goal is to forever change the way mutual funds and ETFs are evaluated and selected, by empowering you to do something even more special than what the movie describes - something never before possible.

It's the best of MONEYBALL and it’s now available to you!

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Eric S. Smith, J.D.

Eric S. Smith, J.D. is CEO of Decision Technologies Corporation, and President and Investment Advisor Representative of Trustee Empowerment & Protection, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor

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Mark L.

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Kay K.

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Albert M.

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