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Mutual Funds Are Not “Products” You Buy, They Are “Teams” You Are Betting On.

Mutual Funds Are Not “Products” You Buy, They Are “Teams” You Are Betting On.

December 29, 20233 min read

Rita℠ Can Help You Make Much Better Bets.

Despite how they may be advertised and discussed, it’s important to understand that mutual funds and ETFs are not “products.”

When you buy shares in them, you are effectively employing the team that controls the investment decisions that effect how well (or poorly) that fund performs. Each team has its own investment goals, strategies, processes, beliefs, forecasts, etc., and these can differ significantly as will the investment results they produce.

When you understand this, you’ll realize that investing in mutual funds and ETFs is a lot like betting on sports teams.

Picking a winning professional sports team is hard, isn't it? Picking the best mutual fund or ETF for you, is dramatically more difficult. While the number of professional baseball, football, and basketball teams total less than 100, there are estimated to be over 20,000 mutual funds and ETFs.

Contrary to sports, where the victor is easily distinguished by their points, the determination of a "winning" investment team hinges on how effectively the chosen fund aligns with your requirements, objectives, and investment preferences.

There is no universal "winner" for every investor. "Winning" is determined by whether the fund's performance aligns with your individual preferences and needs, including the right balance of risk, return, and cost.

So, how have you been doing this? What “process” are you using to evaluate and select the mutual fund and ETF “bets” you are placing? And, most importantly, how good have your bets been? 

Are you “winning?” Do you have any way to know?

In our recent post on “Selection Risk” (the risk of picking “losers”), we discuss the three principal ways in which most investors appear to be deciding which mutual funds and ETFs to bet on:

  • “I go with the recommendations of my investment advisor.”

  • “I do a lot of personal reading and research and tend to go with the ‘experts’ that appear most knowledgeable.” Or, after all of my reading and research, I simply go with “my gut.”

  • “I’ve given up on trying to pick ‘winners’ and avoid ‘losers’ by picking index funds.”

Interestingly, the third bullet point is not an option in sports betting, and almost no one has a personal, paid “advisor” to rely on in betting on professional sports teams, though there are plenty of pundits and commentators paid to give their recommendations to the population as a whole.

But are having these additional options helping individual investors (you) make better mutual fund and ETF bets?  Or are they making your evaluation and selection of funds more complicated and riskier? As is discussed in the above post, the later appears more likely.

Rita℠ is a game-changer that can help to improve your mutual fund and ETF “bets,” perhaps dramatically.

Until Rita℠, you have had no easy way to comparatively evaluate the performance of mutual funds and ETFs against all other available choices. But now, with Rita℠, you can comparatively evaluate every mutual fund and ETF within any asset class, in mere moments.

And you can do so your way, using weight blends of performance factors that best represent the investment results you’re seeking.

If you haven’t already done so, try it for yourself. It’s easier than you might imagine, and you can do so here without any cost or obligation.

Something else important to keep in mind is this: you’re betting real money when you invest in a mutual fund and ETF. And, if you can make better bets, it will be improving your odds of making more money from your mutual fund and ETF investments.

In other words, Rita℠ can help you to make more money from your investments and without necessarily increasing the risk and cost in doing so.

Isn’t that really the goal?!?

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Eric S. Smith, J.D.

Eric S. Smith, J.D. is CEO of Decision Technologies Corporation, and President and Investment Advisor Representative of Trustee Empowerment & Protection, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor

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